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The Social Work Department of the West University of Timișoara (UVT) by:

•   Centre for Social Work and Research of  Child-Parent Interaction (CAS-CICOP) and:
•  Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University (USA)
•  and General Directorate for Social Work and Child Protection (DGASPC)/ Timiș County Council
•  The Social Work Department, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca,
•  The Sociology and Social Work Department, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iași,
•  Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu,
•  The Psychology and Education Sciences Department, University of Bucharest,
•  Holt International Organization,
•  Agapedia Romania Foundation,
•  DGASPC Dolj,
•  DGASPC Argeș,
•  DGASPC Satu-Mare.

will organize on June 2, 2016 the conference: “Tineri Români Adoptați pe Întreg Mapamondul” (TRAIM). “Young Romanians adopted around the world” (LIVE).

The conference is aimed at all those interested or involved in adoptions: adopted youth and children, adoptive parents or approved for adoption, professionals, researchers and academics as well as students concerned with the domain of child adoption.

The fee varies as follows:

Participants category Registration until May 15 Registration after May 15
Adopted youth and children 0 RON 0 RON
Parents with adopted children 100 RON 120 RON
Parent certified for adoption 100 RON 120 RON
Professionals 100 RON 150 RON
Researchers and academics 250 RON 300 RON
Students 0 RON 20 RON

Regarding the program, the conference will begin with a reception in the afternoon of June 1 and will end on 2 June at 18.00, when interested participants will be invited to tour the city of Timisoara.

On June 2, after the official opening and plenary presentations, the 3 sections of workshops will take place for:

1.  Adopted youth;
2.  Adoptive parents, adopted children and parents attested for adoption.
3.  Professionals, researchers and academics.

Depending on the number of participants, the number of thematic sections may rise. On the other hand, participants representing a particular section will be free to sequentially participate in the work of other sections.

In the section of adopted youth, actions will be organized for the acquisition of primary knowledge of Romanian language, introducing Romanian and local culture and discussions on how to search for the biological family.

In the second section, adoptive parents and those certified for adoption will be invited to specific support groups discussions and games organized by a ludo therapist with children and parents. Also, during the conference, parents will benefit from free counsel from a psychologist.

Professionals, researchers, academics and students are invited to the communications and scientific debate section.

The cocktail in the evening of June 1, the lunch from June 1 and the two coffee breaks throughout the day, the conference folders and city tour will be provided for free to participants (mainly covered in the fee).

Participants will receive certificates of participation.

Following the conference, the organizers will take care of printing:

•  a conference volume containing the scientific papers,
•  a volume with the life stories of adopted young people as well as the favorite stories from their childhood,
•  and an issue of Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Parents Journal (TCTP see, dedicated to adoption, which will be coordinated by Prof. Victor Groza of Case Western University Cleveland / Ohio.

Although the deadline for registration is May 15, we ask the interested persons to announce their intention until March 15, 2016, even if the final decision on participation will invalidate the intention to participate. By the same time, March 15, 2016, we kindly ask you to send the abstracts of your intended papers. Announcement of intention will help conference organizers in planning the actions and resources required to ensure the proper conduct of this unique event. Registration is done up to the limit of 150 participants.

The Presidency of LIVE conference is provided by:

Victor Groza, PhD, Professor Grace F. Brody, Case Western University, Cleveland/Ohio (e-mail:
Professor Cosmin Goian, PhD, Head of the Social Work Department of the West University of Timișoara(e-mail:

Comitetul de organizare (CO) al conferinței TRAIM este asigurat de către:

Associate professor, Anca Bajenaru, PhD; (ULB – Sibiu; e-mail:
Assistant, Andreea Birneanu, PhD; (UVT – Timișoara; e-mail:
Associate professor, Venera Bucur, PhD; (UVT – Timișoara; e-mail:
Professor, Daniela Cojocaru, PhD; (UAIC – Iași; e-mail:
Professor, Stefan Cojocaru, PhD; (HOLT Internațional; e-mail:
Associate professor, Melinda Dinca, PhD; (UVT – Timișoara; e-mail:
Alina Mayer, psychologist, Head of the adoptions Department; (DGASPC Timiş; e-mail:
Professor, Ana Muntean, PhD; (UVT – Timișoara; e-mail:; 0726264874)
Associate professor, Alexandru Neagoe, PhD; (UVT – Timișoara; e-mail:
Mariela Neagu, PhD student (
Professor, Maria Roth, PhD; (UBB – Cluj-Napoca; e-mail:
Lecturer, Carmen Stanciu, PhD; (UVT – Timișoara; e-mail:
Professor, Elena Stănculescu, PhD; (University in Bucharest; e-mail:
Adelina Tila (Social Worker, DGASPC Dolj; e-mail:
Liliana Gusu (Social Worker, Agapedia Romania Foundation; e-mail:
Nelida Ghițulescu (Social Worker, DGASPC Argeș; e-mail:
Széles Ágota (Social Worker, DGASPC Satu-Mare; e-mail:

A group of PhD students, graduate, undergraduate and doctoral students from the Social Work Department will conduct certified volunteering, to facilitate the smooth conduct of the first TRAIM Conference from June 2, 2016.

Those interested can contact the organizers by e-mail or phone (see above).

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