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We are pleased to advertise the new URL of the “Today’s children – Tomorrow’s parents” (TCTP) journal. TCTP is a unique Romanian journal focusing on child abuse and neglect prevention. Since 2010, TCTP has been listed on the EBSCO database as well as on the Copernicus Index and the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (ERIH).

The journal invites professionals, academics and researchers to contribute via their papers to a better understanding of the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Young researchers are invited to participate by submitting papers focusing on their professional interests.

The journal is issued in English and currently uses the following address:

TCTP comes out three times a year, with each issue concentrating on a specific theme within the general framework of child abuse and neglect prevention. Interested colleagues are invited to visit our “archives” in order to see which topics have been discussed in the journal.

To find upcoming themes you may visit the ‘call for papers ’ section of our website.

The structure of TCTP is a standard one: after the Editorial, which introduces the theme and the papers that make up the issue, come the articles themselves, each preceded by a short abstract. Relevant events in the field of child abuse and neglect prevention are advertised at the end of the journal. The final pages contain instructions for contributors, based on APA recommendations.
Each issue is co-ordinated by a well-known personality in the field of child abuse and neglect prevention, very often someone who has a specific research interest in the topic dealt with in that issue.

The process of organizing the appearance of each new issue is a combination of formal and informal steps. The Founding Editor invites a co-ordinator to take on responsibility for the new issue, the co-ordinator (supported by the TCTP Academic Committee) works to gather papers for the journal, and abstracts of these articles are submitted to the Academic Committee by the co-ordinator.

Following feedback from Academic Committee members regarding each abstract, the co-ordinator asks the author to send the entire article. After this, the articles are sent to the reviewers. Each article passes through a double blind review process. Reviewers make their recommendations in accordance with the application forms which can be found in the ‘important documents’ section .. If necessary, the reviewer will notify the co-ordinator and request major or minor changes to an article. The co-ordinator will then work with the author to clarify all the points mentioned by the reviewers.

The co-ordinator’s name and professional affiliation can always be found on the cover page (page 2) of the TCTP journal.
Liaison with the publishers of the journal is a responsibility shared between the co-ordinator and the Secretary.

All these complex procedures have as their result a new and interesting issue of the TCTP journal. The reward for all who make it possible, at every level, is the interest and appreciation of the professionals, students, parents, researchers and academics who benefit from the information the journal brings them in the field of child abuse and neglect.

It should be mentioned that none of these tasks, with the exception of the printing, is remunerated.

You are invited to join us in any of the capacities mentioned above.

Ana Muntean
Founding Editor of the “Today’s children Tomorrow’s parents” (TCTP) journal.

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