Dear Members of the Scientific Committee of TCTP Journal

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Thank you for your work and for your loyalty to the TCTP journal. Your contributions to the development of the journal have been and are exceptional. TCTP is still unique in Romania by virtue of the topic on which it focuses: child abuse and neglect. The journal first saw the light in 1999 andb today we are celebrating 16 years of continuous development. This ‘adolescent’ is now asking for revision and reconsideration.

We are looking at some challenging news regarding the TCTP journal. In my capacity as Founding Editor I am in need of and request your judgment on the following points:

1. Since 2010, the journal has been listed in the EBSCO database. Prof. Karin Lunden and Prof. Kari Killen facilitated this development by giving an official form to the requests for contributions. This was an important step in the history of the journal and I wish to express my gratitude to Karin and Kari, my dear friends.

2. The co-ordinator of issue no. 30-31/2011, which focused on trauma in children, Dag Nordanger, worked to have the journal included within the Norwegian Data Base. With your agreement Dag Nordanger has since 2012 been a member of the Academic Committee of the TCTP journal. Dag is a very committed person and researcher and issue no. 30-31, co-ordinated by him, gives more information about the range of his academic interests.

3. Several issues of the journal (no. 27; no. 28; no. 29; no. 30-31; no. 32), all dealing with adoption, have been posted on the site of the Romanian Government Office for Adoption (ORA). These can be accessed (in both their Romanian and their English versions) at:

4. In 2011 the journal acquired its own URL and receives suggestions from readers and those interested in the field.

5. Proposed topics for upcoming issues (currently 2015-2016) are to be found in the call for papers section. Your suggestions and views regarding other possible topics or any modifications are very welcome.

6. The journal has never had proper funding to cover organizational and printing costs. A number of projects have covered basic running expenses, principally those concerned with printing and publication. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Prof. Maria Roth, a member of the Academic Committee, who kindly included the costs of printing three issues of TCTP in one of her projects. Under Daphne Project no.1225/2011-2013, coordinated by Prof. Mihaela Tomita, which focused on adolescents, TCTP covered its printing costs during the two years for which the project ran.

7. Dag Nordanger expressed his dissatisfaction with the picture on the cover of the journal when a few years earlier, Prof. Maria Roth had expressed the same opinion and requested that the image be changed. The picture in question was donated by the Danish painter Ady Holzer in 1996, on the occasion of the first International Conference held in Romania on the theme of child abuse and neglect. The TCTP journal took both its name and its logo from that conference, and the same image appeared on the cover for many years. Since 2013 the TCTP journal has had a new cover page designed and kindly donated by Prof. Paola Molina of the University of Turin, a member of the Academic Committee.

8. In 2000, when my university (the West University of Timisoara), in partnership with Paris V University and the University of Liege, initiated a post-graduate training course in Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention, Prof. Serban Ionescu, the major partner in the project, accepted the Presidency of the journal. His contribution to and impact upon its development were highly significant. I would like to take this opportunity to express once again my gratitude to him for his work and for the inspiration it gave our work. After 12 years, Prof. Ionescu asked to lay down his role as President of the journal.

9. In 2012, Prof. Blaise Pierrehumbert of Switzerland agreed to take on the Presidency of the TCTP journal. Blaise Pierrehumbert is a well-known personality in the field of attachment theory and I am very confident in the development of the journal under his presidency. He agreed to be mentioned on the cover page of the journal as its Elected President.

10. The journal’s thanks are due to the reviewers. It is their work that keeps the standards of the journal high. We owe to Prof. Colette Jourdan-Ionescu the fact that we have the appropriate application forms for the review process. Some of you are also involved in this process. Thank you, Annemarie Jost! Thank you, Karin Lunden! Thank you, Ioana Popa!

Thank you, Maria Roth! Thank you, Stephanie Habersaat! Thank you, Mihai Bogdan Iovu! Anca Bejenaru, our colleague at the Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu, and Daniele Robin, of Brest University, France, have both done a large amount of reviewing work.

We cannot pay for this work, but in line with a suggestion from Prof. Colette Jourdan-Ionescu we will be expressing our gratitude to our reviewers in the journal once every year. I would welcome your suggestions regarding this important aspect of the journal’s life.

11. Prof. Maria Roth has made a suggestion regarding the format of the TCTP journal. She considers that it would be less expensive and also easier for each issue of the journal to exist in only one version, to include papers written in Romanian, in English and in any other international language. I do not know what implications this would have from the printing and publishing point of view, but I would like to ask you for your opinions regarding the suggestion.

In the hope of receiving your feedback at this important moment in the development of the TCTP journal.


Ana Muntean

Founding Editor of the TCTP journal

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