Founding Editor

Founder Editor:

Ana-MunteanProfessor Ana Muntean, PhD, West University in Timisoara

Faculty of Sociology and Psychology/ Research Center for Child-Parent

Interaction (CICOP). Email:

Ana Muntean is Professor, at the West University in Timisoara, the Social Work Department. She was, in 1995, the Founder President of the Society for Children and Parents (SCOP). Ana Muntean is currently the Founder Editor of the Journal „Today’s Children – Tomorrow parent’s ” (TCTP) and the Chairperson of National Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and neglect.

Between 1999-2001, in partnership with University Paris V, France, she coordinated a Tempus JEP project through which was set-up a postgraduate training focused on preventing child abuse and neglect In 2003, together with Professor J.J. Detraux, from  University in Liege, Ana Muntean was the co-Director of NATO Advance Study Institute, on the topic of: Prevention and Intervention in Child Maltreatment: Development and Assessment of Programs. Since 2005, Ana Muntean is the Founder Director of the Research Centre based on child-parent interactions (CICOP) within the West University in Timisoara.

During 2006-2008, she was the national consultant within a project developed by Council of Europe, regarding the violence against child. In 2007, Ana Muntean organized in Timisoara, the Second International Forum on the topic of : „Psychological Security; Trauma and Resiliency”, patronized by the University Paris VIII, from  France.

Ana Muntean is currently the coordinator of a national research project in adoption. She published: Domestic violence and child maltreatment (Eurostampa, 2000); The victims of domestic violence: children and women (co-autor, Eurostampa, 2000); Families and children in difficult circumstances (Mirton, 2001); The role of the language in structuring space-time orientation (Mirton, 2001); Psychology of human development (First edition, 2002; Second edition, 2006; Third edition, Polirom, 2009); Emotional communication with child victim (Coordinator, Waldpress, 2004); Parallel view: Romania (Coordinator, Waldpress, 2004); Guidelines for interventions with child abuse and neglect (Omega, 2004); Social work practice. Romania and Germany ( Co-coordination, Polirom, 2007); Supervision: practical aspects and current trends (Polirom, 2007).

Ana Muntean is mother and grandmother.